Independence Day Group June 30 - July 7, 2017

 Claim Your Independence At Hedo’s 4th Of July Bash Steamy, uninhibited flirting and sexy glares will get you everywhere during this clothing optional and lifestyle friendly event.

Feel the sun on your naked body while you enjoy the freedom of meeting like minded people that you are attracted to.4thofjulyh2

The Jamaican Sun
Just lie around in the warm Jamaican sun and head out on to the catamaran with other sexy people. Or you can find a little private get away with you and your partner in the shade under a tree. Leave your inhibitions at home and connect with other couples at your own pace.


Room Per  Person Per Couple Nights Total
Garden View Regular $186.00 $372.00 7 $2,604.00
Garden View Nude $225.00 $450.00 7 $3,150.00
Ocean View Regular $230.00 $460.00 7 $3,220.00
Ocean View Nude $238.00 $476.00 7 $3,332.00


Singles Rates All Prices below are I person in a room
Garden View Regular $223.20 /day Single 7 $1,562.40
Garden View Nude $270.00 /day Single 7 $1,890.00
Ocean View Regular $276.00 /day Single 7 $1,932.00
Ocean View Nude $285.60 /day Single 7 $1,999.20


1) Any group reservation canceled more than 90 days before arrival is subject to a $100.00 per person cancellation fee. 
2) Any group reservation canceled less than 90 days before arrival is non-refundable. 
3) Non-refundable reservations can be exchanged to new guest names if there is someone that wants your reservation. 
4) All "No Show" reservations are subject to 100% of the total amount paid. This means no refunds. 
5) Group reservations are not changeable for different dates unless adding days to the previous booking.


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